clean 2

(censored and amended )


A storm wails a storm


A thief in the night


the window latch catch rattles quick upon the hilt.

a finger quill quivered on the trigger


the room is cluttered

 littered stacks of littered floor  paper litter the floor

well I don't want to fucking touch them do I!


I is a little girl

her father lifts her up


she i sa little


she was a little girl

out of herself

and into his storm

and when

and, oh I what, I

did she say that fuck you fuck you fuck?


oh blah fucking blah


The room is stuffy, suffocating, does it always have to be so fucking hot!?

always fucking soffocatingshe feels infested by the mess, i feel infected i feell aaaaaaah he opens her mouth to scream and no sound comes out, and how would you know how the fuck would you kniow what it...fu...aaaaaaaaahfutile but….the window latch rattles the fuckig thw fucking window latch, what is you r obsession, what is your obsession with words? temptingly upon the catch… and what does all this junk matter an


when she was a little girl

her father would lift her up out of her self

and into his storm

throwing her, spinning her

round, up, through

lifting her into the light,

cleansing her of


the window bursts open,

your a fucking thief, you are!


the wind steals in

takes everything.


a fucking thief!


lets go dancing

the room is empty


oh its so fucking clean I could lick a knife