Clean 3

(censored and cleansed

of filth and smut)


The room is stuffy, suffocating,

does it always have to be so fucking hot!?

always she infested  mess infected feel but…

The new window latch rattles the fuckig thw fucking window latch,

what is you r obsession, what is your

obsession with words? temptingly upon the catch…

and what does all this junk matter anxcl..


Daddy would you like to dance?

I know the one called "A Thief in the Night".


Daddy don't be angry

I'm afraid when your angry

That's why I slip into your soul

I make everything nice


the window bursts open


The wind steals in

takes everything


oh its so fucking clean I could dance on a knife edge


a fucking thief!


Let us take these sheets from you

They took

You can’t stay wrapped up forever


after the storm all things shall be cleansed again

all things shall be washed out


In the days and nights that follow you will know

The meaning of The New World