Shattered Worlds

Across a floor of shattered glass

With splinters in your eyes

You scurry like a rat aboard

A sinking ship

There is no time to swallow time

I've started pulling out my hair

The nights are drawing in

The leaves are on the turn

And my hair is growing thin

There is no time to swallow time...

Oh god I'm repeating myself

Where's my line?

Is that silver in my mouth?

Why are the birds all marching south?

Jesus Fucking Christ

The horses are escaping

Who forgot to tie the horses up?

If only I were able...

But lo, I see them running from the stable

Where's my fucking line?

You've been mixing up your metaphors

Don't forget to whip the horses eyes

Oh Jesus... God... The ice caps are melting

Darling its just the fucking liberal

Sprout eating, hemp wearing...

And now the rain is pelting...

What the fuck are you saying?

We have no time to sit and think

Jesus, have you been mixing your drinks?

The storm is drawing in

I can see a ripple on the surface of my gin


I followed you through the glass

I did everything you asked

But now a storm is brewing in this teacup

(Sometimes father would smash cups in a rage)

I stare into the tea leaves

Maybe its time to leave

But there is no end to vision and revision

there is no END there is no FIN

when the song is over

we'll have to rip it up and start again

then maybe I can change the names this time

we can build a better whirlpool

do you think they'll understand?

I guess the pen was always in my hands