a horrid tale in four parts


part one


He eats his chips from a newspaper

The ink stains his greasy fingers

He licks his lips

the ink runs down his throat

filling his bloated gut


part two


Scratch your name into my skin

The black ink runs into my open veins


Black ink

octopus ink

Spreads like a cancer

Spreads like a broken water

Spreads wide

like teeth in a dentist chair


they knew it would come


part three


Tell us a story mummy

Tell us a story to write on our flesh

To weave in our hair

To keep under our pillow


Tell us a story

To breath in the night

Tell us a story to keep away the storm 


part four


He breathed his words into my nostrils

I can still smell his rotten core


He breathed his words

and they took hold

like a cancer in my soul


His rotten breath like wisps of wind

Like the breath of god that hovers on the water



He spoke into my sleeping seeds


told them stories of failure

and abandonment

And need


"Stay in bed", he said,

"Stay in bed;

stay dead",  he said,

"Stay in bed or catch a cold".


Don’t tell tales