Liam is a self-taught guitarist, songwriter and writer.
He has been playing and writing since his mid-teens
and continues to learn and develop his own style. 

All his work begins as a scream-of-consciousness
which is then finely polished.


2002-2006: Masters of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy
Glasgow University, 2002-2006

This analytical background enables Liam to bring conscious light
to the raw materials presented by his sub conscience.


2001:Mystery Cycle for the 21st Century- Musician and songwriter for the final showcase -
BA Performing Arts program at London Metropolitan University

2001: Jam – songwriter, performer and collaborater with Jacek Ludwig Scarso
(Vocal Motions Elastic Theatre (

2002: The Silence – guitarist – alternative band
appearing in  music venues in London

2002 -2006: Cecilians Society – actor/singer
Glasgow University performing arts society – various roles.

2007 – to present: Liam Baker – singer/songwriter  
performing in music venues in Edinburgh, London and The Highlands

2009 – Children's Entertainer – Self Employed -
Performing music and playing interactive games.

2011: People's Eater - Sound-designer for the final showcase of
the Physial Theater Degree Glasgow in collaboration with Conflux.

2011 to present: Liam Baker & The Railway Children: Singer/songwriter:
collaboration with Cellist Maya McCourt (Tinderbox Orchestra, Tequilla Mockingbird).
Appearing in music venues in Edinburgh.

2011: Blooming Surprise – Songwriter for a clown show by Saras Feijoo.

2011: From the Earth To the Wishing Sky – Songwriter and sound design - 
intallation created by Saras Feijoo - showcased in the Imaginate Ideas Exchange Glasgow.

2009: I'm Sorry Love – Songwriter and Actor: a short film nominated for an award at the World Music and Independent Film Festival 2010 at Washington DC US.

2011: Babytrapped - Songwriter for the soundtrack of a documentary shown on Current TV in USA, UK, ITALY and South Africa.


2005: Drums and Rockets: assistant in a festival for young people. Assisting in music and drama workshops. Songwriter for the final showcase.

2008: Youth Worker – Glenurquhart Youth Centre – leading drama classes and music sessions.

2013: Camp Magic. Creative facilitator, planning and running creative workshops for up to 20 children. Activities included dance, singing, songwriting and drama-games.